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Why I need your old t-shirt

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 10.10.23This vodka brand—Three Olives—created The Generager. It generates custom party rager themes. What was the recommended attire for my rager, you ask? Regency dresses made from rock band t-shirts. And honestly, that really fits the bill...

An unfamiliar movie you’re familiar with

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 10.3.23✨Storytime✨ ​In the late 90s, Pete Docter pitched a movie. A 30-year-old man starts seeing monsters that no one else can see. The monsters are at his job, his dates. He thinks he’s going crazy! Then, he learns that the monsters are...

The feat of waking up

The feat of waking up

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 9.26.23Hey! What do you think? Do you value Google search today as much as you did five years ago? Not as a marketer, just as a person. ​Pretty much​ ​A little less​ ​A lot less​ Also, check you out! You woke up today, you’re taking on the...

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