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What are marketing gems?

These are valuable marketing tools and resources that you, Highrise readers, told me about. But it wouldn’t be fair to keep this information all to myself, so here I am sharing it with you.

I hope you find information that will excite you, tools that will help you, and daily best practices that will make each day a little more functional. Enjoy!


1. Scribe AI

“I recently discovered Scribe AI and it has saved me so much time! It’s a tool that builds how-tos and other training guides for you by screen recording as you’re doing the work, then taking the clicks, etc., and turning them into individual steps. You can then share the finished guides in several different ways including linking to them in online resource documents or a company’s intranet site.”

Megan Davidson

2. Ahrefs Insiders Tool

This might not be very useful, or you’ve already heard it, but I’ve found ahrefs Insiders tool to be amazing. Hundreds of digital marketers talking about tips and struggles in the SEO world. Unfortunately, you have to have an ahrefs account to use it. But the conversations are usually very substantive. I attached a screenshot of my own account to give you an idea of what goes on.

Ed Speyers

3. Home-cooked explore report

“GA4 has so many capabilities, and there’s a million videos out there on how to use it. However, I’ve used this little home-cooked explore report for a client for a while now and it’s been a life saver! Conversion tracking can be a pain sometimes and even after you think it’s perfectly set up, conversions may not come through, or too MANY conversions may come through. This explore report allows me to see the specific URL’s that users were on when they converted. Viewing the data in this way allowed me to ensure that conversions were NOT double reporting, as I could see that each URL was unique, and only one conversion came from it. Now I use this as a double check once I have some conversions come through for a new conversion action just to make sure things are working correctly.”

Spencer Shwartz

4. SEO Forecasting Template for Google Sheets

“Not quite sure if this is what you are looking for when you asked for a useful tool but Moz has this awesome article: about SEO Forecasting that has made my life so much easier. In the article there’s a link to the tool. It has made creating SEO goals so much easier.”

Jaecie Grotepas

5. Facebook Ad Library and Meta Music Library

As frustrating as Meta can be, they have a couple of tools I love to use.

1) Facebook ads: This tool allows you to search for any brand or keyword and which ads they are running on Meta. It will even show you which platforms they are live, their landing page, and which date the ad started. Such an amazing way to see how your competitors are showing up and how you can differentiate yourself.  

2) Meta Music Library: I work with influencers all the time. Since they are creating in their personal account, it’s hard for them to know which songs are royalty-free and safe to use for brand partnerships. Instead of running the legal risk, I ask influencers to go to this site and choose the song. That way the brand knows exactly the name of the song and can know that it is all safe to use.

Kiki Manning

6. F the Algorithm Social Strategy Training

“The Strong Brand Social marketing training called F* the Algorithm has really changed the game for me. I attended the training and have implemented it for my new company, and we’re seeing tremendous success even though we’re still in early stages. It could be a game changer for all businesses, small and large.”

Kendall Smit

7. Llama Life

LLama Life has been a super awesome productivity tool I’ve been using lately!! You can input all of the tasks you want to get done that day and how long you plan on working on each of them, and it tells you how long your workday will be and what time you’ll be done with everything. It is super helpful in making sure I don’t try to do more than is humanly possible in a workday and helps me plan out my week day-by-day. 

Britni Dillard

8. Capitalize My Title

“Have you ever written something but aren’t 100% sure what the correct capitalization is? No need to fear, is here to save the day. Honestly, I use this website a minimum of 6 times a day. It’s fantastic for ad copy and writing article titles.”

Kelsee Ripplinger

9. Anonymous Preview Tool, Google Trends, and Answer the Public

“I have a few of different ones for different cases:

1) Anonymous Preview Tool: to diagnose why a keyword may have lost clicks (usually advertising taking up the top of the SERP).

2) Google Trends: to showcase that people aren’t actually searching for what you think they’re searching for and why creating a new landing page for that idea won’t go anywhere – or why something was performing so well a year, 2 years ago, and now there are virtually half the searches being made.

3) I need ideas to expand on a particular keyword and I’m curious what other people are thinking and searching.”

Michelle Sanchez

10. Asana

“Organizational/to-do list/reminder calendar tool that gives you reminders when tasks are due and you can set recurring ones, etc. Can also add team members and sub-assign tasks and write notes and attach files. Kind of like a calendar and a to-do list and a collaboration tool all in one place.” 

Bethany Prochnow


“Productivity tool: my team uses to track all of our social media posts, print ad campaigns, video projects and more. We also use it to collaborate on projects.  

This allows us at one glance to know who is working on what projects, what dates something is being posted/premiering and on what channels.”

Jared Wilson

12. Bublup

“I have been using Bublup since the beginning of 2021. I use it to stay organized in my business and personal life and also to set reminders for myself and to share links or zoom recordings with others.

It’s easy to organize things by creating folders and then adding notes, Google Docs, photos, links or files to those folders.”

Lisa M

13. AI Checker, Title Case Tool, Plagiarism Checker, Copywriting Examples, Dribble, and Landing Page Ideas

“Here are a few helpful tips I’ve collected over the years:

1) AI Checker – for those who are exploring the use of AI in their content

2) Title Case Tool – if you want words all UPPER CASE BUT DON’T WANT TO WRITE IT OUT – this is SO HELPFUL! It also has 7 different options available!

3) Plagiarism Checker – No one wants to be THAT person! Cross-check and make sure you’re not copying anyone! 

4) Quick Tip: cmd+shift+t on a Mac AND it opens recently closed tabs! This has been a lifesaver SO MANY TIMES!!! 

5) Copywriting Examples – This breaks down copy examples with how you can replicate them

6) Dribble – provides design examples (search for a keyword related to a client or related to your ad theme)

7) = landing page ideas and breakdown!

8) Most importantly – STAY UP TO DATE! I like to do this by the following:

Jenny Brown


“My tip for fellow marketers (and this may be a bit niche for those who have a hand in any brand/company social media accounts) is that days where you may not be posting new content don’t have to feel like you’re missing an opportunity to grow your reach and followers. Instead of trying to quickly create a new IG reel or TikTok, try commenting on a dozen other posts. Interact with brands, influencers or any like-minded accounts to either sustain a connection or create a new one. Once you do this consistently, they’ll notice the love and what goes around, comes around.”

 Sam Masterson

“May be old news, may be lost news. But you can see all ads ran on Facebook via the link below by organization. If that’s not a gem to check out some competitions Ads I don’t know what is.”

Kate Kishline

“One of my favorite ways to stalk my competitors and learn how they are speaking to their audience is by viewing “Page Transparency” on their Facebook pages. Simply visit the business facebook page of your competitor. Scroll down a bit and on the left side you’ll see a box with Page Transparency. If they are running ads, you’ll see a link that says “See All” and then you can view ALL their ad images and ad copy for Meta. It’s helpful for brainstorming headlines and messaging – whether for ads or other marketing content.”

Kristy Robb


“Not sure how big of a tip this is, but I love this website: – for helping me to write ad copy! I feel like writing copy for so many clients I often get into a rut of doing the same “formula” for my copy. This site helps me to mix it up and try new things by giving examples and the structure behind it!”

Hayley Foster

“My marketing tip is using Harry Dry’s Marketing Examples site. His tips & clear examples on writing better copy helped me a ton when I was a fresh-faced new marketer. (And serves as great inspo today!) The tone is conversational and direct, and the real-world examples are super useful!”

Tenley Schwartz


I super appreciate all of the advice, tools, and resources that were suggested by all of you! I hope that you can put them to use to improve your marketing or even just improve your day-to-day work life. It has been a blast for me to look through all of your submissions and find some tools that I am definitely going to implement into my work life!