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What’s crackalackin team?

The other day I really needed my chapstick. Probably because it dropped to 30 degrees here in the great Pacific Northwest and every establishment has their heat up to 80. My lips are doomed.

So as I’m walking in the store, I unzip my bag two inches, shove my hand in, and dig around. I’m staring at the overhead lights in the store as I walk. And I’m digging and digging. But I can’t find the stupid stick.

Finally, I stop walking. I unzip my bag all the way, and use the blessed eyeballs my mama gave me. Low and behold, I find the chapstick super fast.

I call this: our stupid belief that we can save time by not-committing to stuff which ends up wasting more time—every time.

Do you do that too? Even on tasks or projects at work?

I’m wondering why,


Meta’s being sued by 42 attorneys general for designing social media that addicts youth to their platforms 

A bipartisan group of attorneys from 33 different states has investigated the issue prior to suing. This comes after a whistleblower shared evidence with press—and went on to testify for Congress and British parliament—that Meta was aware of the poor effects their platforms have on teenagers’ mental health.

A New Google tool checks an image’s history

You could use this tool to:

  • Check what other sites—other perspectives—are saying about an image
  • Find when the image was indexed by Google
  • Confirm if images were generated or enhanced by AI

New AR beauty ads are available on Google

In place of a product image, these Shopping ads let you see what products look like on you or on a model you pick.

New Google maps interface prioritizes photos

Certain queries will show a large photo (chosen by AI) as the thumbnail with the name of the business and it’s distance in small font below as people search through which business appeals most to them.

Microsoft announced their version of Google Adsense—pubCenter

pubCenter is created for small to medium businesses and it lets them advertise on their site. For advertisers, this means new ad opportunities.


  1. Instagram reminder ads can now be featured in Stories and created in Ads Manager
  2. Yelp’s ad system is now better at matching the right ads to the right consumers
  3. Google’s testing a way for PMax to get more input from you
  4. You have to use a certified click tracker for Google ads
  5. Google officially supports multiple syntaxes for structured data
  6. New version of chatGPT gives access to all GPT-4 tools at once
  7. X has 2 paid tiers now: a $16/month option and a $3/month option
  8. Threads gets polls and GIFs
  9. 74% of customers say they’ll be reaching out to brands over social this holiday season
  10. Apple Pay Later is now available for all iPhone users in the US

The Google docs of video editing

If you find your team coming together to edit video, then this is a fire solution. Multiple people can work on a video project, like multiple accounts editing a Google doc.


The Uses (and Abuses) of Influence

This interview with Robert Cialdini is full of unique, research-backed advice about how to influence others more effectively at work. It’s full of two things I like:

  1. Info I haven’t heard before, from an expert
  2. Practical actions I can take


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