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Since you’re a person, you may have noticed that your ✨life✨and your
💻life💻 do not live in isolation from one another.

And since you’re a person, you might get it when I say that stuff has come up with my ✨life✨. Stuff that’s made me decide I need to take a break from writing the newsletter for a bit.

At first this panicked me. Then, I reached out to a few in-tune marketers who write fabulously, asking if they’d take over Highrise while I was gone. I doubted any of them would have the time and energy for it…

BUT Maeve came to save the day.

Now, I’m feeling a lot of gratitude for people in my life who not only say you need a worklife balance, but people who truly make that happen for themselves and others. It feels lifesaving.

Ok now that we’ve all overdosed on sappiness, let’s get into the marketing stuff 😅. And don’t be alarmed for the next few weeks when you hear from Maeve.


PS Panicking into error is a movie quote. Can you guess it?


Amazon shoppers can buy products on FB and Insta without leaving the apps

Meta and Amazon have a new arrangement that will allow people to connect their Amazon account to Meta apps. That connection will let Amazon users see real-time pricing, delivery rates, and all that good stuff in FB and Instagram. Plus, they won’t need to leave the social apps to make color selections (etc) on a product or check out.

There are 5 new lead gen ad tools for Facebook and Instagram

  1. A CRM integration with Hubspot
  2. Businesses can call people through Facebook
  3. Feature showing relevant business recommendations after someone submits a form
  4. Feature extending the lead objective to ads that start a WhatsApp chat
  5. Full campaign automation for lead gen campaigns

Instagram’s testing ways for users to interact in smaller groups

1. Events—a chat group created around an event you plan
2. A nearby feed showing Stories from public accounts near you, and
3. More media options for replying to notes

Generative AI features are rolling out to Performance Max

Google will prompt you to answer a few questions about your brand, then it will generate text and image assets for your campaign. You can also use prompts to generate and edit the images or copy.

The features are available in beta now, and all accounts will have access to image editing by early 2024.

Google’s updating how it evaluates and ranks review content

Google’s review ranking system evaluates content focused on opinions and analysis. Moving forward, Google won’t announce these updates to their review system. And yes, Google is also in the middle of rolling out a core algorithm update. rip

Search console’s page experience report is different 

Google said they changed things to “help site owners consider page experience more holistically.” They also removed the good page experience search appearance filter from the Performance report.

Google updated their malware policies for ads

This might come as a shock, but if your ads are spreading malware, if your site is actively hacked, or if you break Google’s unwanted software policy then your ads account could be suspended.


  1. Google liaison alluded to big changes coming to search rankings
  2. Past LinkedIn carousel posts will be deleted next month
  3. Google adds reports for learning video rich results
  4. YouTube is testing a chatbot that will appear under select videos
  5. recommended content section–tailored to each visitor—is coming to YouTube channel pages
  6. Google’s SGE is testing a new way to see prior questions and ask follow-up questions
  7. Bing launched a Webmaster Tools app for Android
  8. Instagram will let you highlight post replies in stories

Seems like a good time to remind you of this Chrome extension, with all these Google ranking updates hitting us.

My friend Mike told me about it, and I quote:
“Found this super rad plugin that overlays annotations of algo updates right on top of the GSC performance overview.”


How do I share enough emotion at work to connect with people without being unprofessional or oversharing?

This is a fire podcast with Liz Fosslien and Molly West Duffy who wrote No Hard Feelings, all about managing emotion in the workplace. The first ten minutes of the podcast are worth your time if you can’t listen to all of it.

Some paraphrased highlights:

  • We have emotions, whether we think we’re expressing them or not. They’ll appear. So, find the right way to share them.
  • The future of work is emotional.

Getting started creating a custom GPT

I mean, how freaking cool was it when OpenAI announced we could train a custom GPT?? Pretty cool, imo. Here’s a piece about how to get started.


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