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Post black friday feels? Yowza.

Post black friday feels? Yowza.

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 11.28.23Hey Hey! If you’re reading this email, you survived the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday marathon (and maybe some sort of family-turkey-trot 5k too). Congratulations, friend. In the midst of Snoop Dogg’s smoke-free shenanigans, Cher’s new...

Keep tumbling on like Stanley

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 11.21.23Hi there! If things feel a little different around here it might be my fault. I’m pleased to introduce myself as Hayley’s temporary replacement. You’ll still get all the relevant news, updates, and more–just from me, for the next...

Don’t panic into error

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 11.14.23Hello! Since you’re a person, you may have noticed that your ✨life✨and your💻life💻 do not live in isolation from one another. And since you’re a person, you might get it when I say that stuff has come up with my ✨life✨. Stuff that’s...

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Sometimes I can’t get through newsletters, but this is the perfect length.