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Happy Tuesday, let’s get you up-to- speed 

If you like organic traffic, you should know….
The page experience update is now slowly rolling out. As a reminder, this is an update to how Google prioritizes search results. Google’s given plenty of warning about this update which usually means it will make a big impact. If you want to hear more about how to get your website aligned with Google’s priorities, check out this link. You might want to track your organic traffic metrics to see how the update affects you.

If you like simple checkouts, you should know…
Shop Pay, Shopify’s one-click checkout, has the highest-converting checkout on the internet and soon it will be available to all the merchants on Facebook (including Instagram) and Google. Even if you don’t use Shopify’s online store, you can still use the checkout on Facebook and Google.

If you like digestible content data, you should know…
There’s a new way of understanding your content performance (like what content is getting the most traffic and what search terms are the most successful). Google’s calling it Search Console Insights. Check out this page to learn how to access the insights and get the best use out of it.

    If you like trying new ad platforms, you should know…
    Facebook has been pouring some serious research into VR, including testing ways to advertise on Oculus. Could be an interesting ad platform. Here’s to the future. 🥂

    Interview with Jimmy Daly

    How to set yourself up for more career growth and better marketing habits  

    Jimmy Daly is the co-founder and CEO of Superpath, a packed resource center for content marketers. We talked to him about this 👇🏽 tweet of his.

    So Jimmy says you should consider marketing for a technical company. You know the kind that scares you because it seems boring and they’re a B2B and you don’t even understand what they do. But marketing for a company like that has some serious perks, like:

    • More professional growth opportunity (read: more 💰💰💰)
      Jimmy says that there tend to be fewer great storytellers and fewer savvy marketers in the technical industries. So, there’s more opportunity for a content marketer to develop into a marketing director or even a CMO.
    • More opportunity to show off your marketing skills
      “Boring” companies usually lack the storytelling that a good marketer can provide (that’s why you can’t figure out what they do or see the human side of their business.) Jimmy points out that you can fill that giant void and get credit for it—which can also boost career growth.

    More money and more recognition. Not a bad gig, huh. Well we have one more reason to work for a technical company and we think this is the real kicker. Marketing for a technical company is going to make you a better marketer.

    It’s gonna force you to use fundamental (yet often ignored) marketing strategies.

    Well, if you don’t understand the product then you probably don’t know your target audience’s wants and needs. You have to resort to true audience research.

    It’s the opposite of working somewhere like a cool shoe brand where you could say, “Hey I wear shoes, I get the audience!” At non-technical companies you’re more likely to assume what your audience feels instead of finding out what they feel.

    Here are some ways Jimmy recommends getting to know your audience:

    • Interview them
    • Survey them
    • Listen to sales calls
    • Read your company’s reviews and competitor reviews
    • Dig into audience data (site analytics, email metrics, ad performance)

    What’s that? None of that is surprising to you? Fair. BUT when was the last time you conducted an interview with an audience member? Or listened to a sales call? If it’s been in the last two weeks, reply to this email and we’ll send you a goody bag. But for lots of us, we know those basics and yet we don’t prioritize many of them.

    So, this is your friendly reminder that few things can replace hearing directly from your people. And if you choose a career in a technical industry, it can be easier to prioritize that.

    Still, it can be daunting to market challenging subject matter, like data organization software that functions with both on-premise and cloud platforms. (Yikes.) Lucky for you, Jimmy told us how you can take on content marketing for a technical company and rock it. Check back next Tuesday to hear how.

    (Now go listen to a sales call or something, please.)

    Marketing to the wrong audience is like… 

    Google is the new homepage