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This week’s most important marketing news

The marketing world has been busy this week. Let’s dive in.


Inflation and supply chain issues are raising prices for many products.
This doesn’t only mean you’ll have to pay more for Ikea furniture and many beloved snacks. Higher prices also means your audience might need more persuading than before.


Facebook has a new marketing analytics course.
The course teaches how to identify data sources and evaluate ad performance, among other things,

Instagram launched Add Yours stickers which encourages people to post their version of a trend.
It’s similar to TikTok’s duet feature because it brings stories from multiple accounts together, grouping them by the topic of the sticker.

Meta made a brand video that had a cooler vibe (good music, compelling animation) than we’ve come to expect from their old alias, Facebook.
So the video probably did what it was meant to: establish the updated, younger feel of their rebrand. The weirdness of it appealed to us.

Facebook is challenging Apple’s app store fees.
They created a paid subscription feature last year, allowing creators to receive payment from followers who appreciate their content. FB promised not to collect fees from creators on subscription payments until 2023.

But if people paid for their subscription on the FB mobile app, then Apple was still collecting a monthly fee of 15-30% of those payments from the creators. So FB made a work around. Now creators can direct their followers to a site to pay their subscription, and money collected from the site won’t be subject to Apple’s fees.


Google My Business has been renamed Google Business Profile.
We’re not gonna elaborate here.

You can now see when a call comes from your Google My Business Business Profile with the call history feature.
And you can also chat with customers from your Business Profile on Search.

Google rolled out a spam update which may impact your search results.
This isn’t the same as a core update, which alters how Google assesses content. Spam updates target content and practices that don’t follow Google guidelines.

Wow, you made it through all that. We’re proud of you, kid.

3 things to do now to be proud of your career in 15 years  

This week we talked to Greg Judd. He’s the co-founder and CEO of Zigglio, a tool that lets you run ads that retarget people who have called your business. Here are our three favorite advices (it should be a word) that he shared.

Take a few wrong paths

After studying PolySci and taking the LSAT, Greg recalls, “I’ll never forget calling my parents and telling them, ‘Hey, I’m not going to law school. I’m gonna join this band, and we’re gonna be on the Warped Tour all summer long.’”

Greg’s parents might have been alarmed to learn Greg stopped pursuing a law career. Greg might have been disappointed when his band couldn’t pursue music full-time. But things turned out pretty good for him. He ended up as the co-founder and CEO of a business that won the Facebook Accelerator Award. So he doesn’t regret those “wrong paths” he took. Experiences like booking his own shows, selling out one show the first night, and then having nobody show up the next night taught him lessons he uses today.

Find and solve problems

Greg noticed a problem with offline ad leads and how it was a pain to retarget them. From that problem, Zigglio was born. It creates a persona based on a phone call and plugs all the data into Facebook, Google ads, or Instagram. Greg said, “we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. We’re simply automating a very tedious task that digital marketers are already doing. But we’re doing it in real-time and allowing the marketer to have power over a really customized audience.”

Even if you don’t start your own company, identifying obstacles and creating solutions will set you apart as you progress in your career.

Prioritize quality customers

Aim for your ideal customer, not for whoever you can get. Then, check and see if your efforts really are attracting the right people. Greg recommends Google Tag Manager and heat mapping software as foundational tools for checking that.

And while you’re at it, remember to have fun and not take it all too seriously. You’ve got this.




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