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This week’s most important Marketing News


Google Adsense Labs (the home for their beta tests) now includes the shopping links feature. It’s a bit like automated affiliate marketing. Google searches your content for product mentions and adds a hyperlink to them, which opens up as a window with shopping options.

In that shopping window, Google shows the message “This site uses Google Adsense shopping links to help you find products. Adsense automatically generates these links and they may help creators in more money.”


You know what hasn’t been possible yet? The ability to make a seamless purchase when you see an ad on a streaming service.

But Walmart and Roku have partnered up to make that happen. According to Business Wire, “Walmart will be the exclusive retailer to enable streamers to purchase featured products fulfilled by Walmart directly on Roku.”

Viewers just plug in their payment and shipping details (through something that sounds like part of the settings on Roku). Then when they see a shoppable ad, they can hit ‘OK’ to head to a checkout page.


Here’s how this Product Drops feature will work:

  • A brand posts about an upcoming product launch
  • Followers click the “Remind me” button on that tweet
  • They receive a notification on the day of product launch

This is only available to a few brands in the US right now while they test the feature.


We see local ads becoming available through Amazon in the future 🔮 This is based on reports of Amazon job listings for positions on a “local ads team” where applicants have “a rare opportunity to join a start-up business… [to] create a brand new business and revenue stream for Amazon Advertising.”


The current name can make the festival’s purpose a bit ambiguous, but their old name was more straight-forward. It was once called the International Advertising Festival, and that’s what it really is.

It’s like a conference (but a tiny bit more like a party) with a bunch of advertisers, marketing, and communication professionals, agencies, and brands. For instance, Spotify is hosting performances by artists like Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar. People like Ryan Reynolds and Paris Hilton(?) will be presenting this year. Oh, and it’s in France. So the whole bougie factor is there.

It’s a place to network, learn, and receive awards for advertising work. So it’s something our industry keeps tabs on.


Many people were forced to turn to SKadNetwork to measure ads on iOS after Apple’s 2020 App Tracking policy update. SKAdNetwork was Apple’s privacy-friendly attribution option, but it was terrible. Each update since has worked to make it more functional.

The new version of Google Ads’ API includes new additions focused on Performance Max and Smart campaigns, among others.


Call-to-action tips from Content Marketing Institute. This is a nice list. I particularly liked the advice to make your CTAs contextually relevant because when that isn’t the case it irks me.

This is a dive into landing-page-success principles, featuring five strong examples by Search Engine Journal.

Glowreel covers news and stories about BIPOC women in their free, weekly newsletter. I especially like the motivating aspect, hearing about amazing people always pumps me up.




Isn’t it a little crazy that record-breaking athletes—pioneers of their sport—are coached by people who can’t hold a candle to them? I mean it applies to almost all kinds of athletes, even those at your local high school’s football team. High-performers are coached by people who can’t do what they tell their athletes to do. Some could at one point in their lives, and t-ball coaches still can.

But for the most part, you’ve got old Mr. Coach out there, squinting, as they watch their athlete serve the ball. Then they yell out something like, “You’re not hitting the serve at the top of your jump. Try again!” Old Mr. Coach can’t even jump. And yet…

And yet, this kind of coaching works. It’s helped plenty of athletes reach new heights.


Well, there’s more than one factor of course. But…

Perspective is one of the most important elements in effective coaching

A coach knows what success looks like, and their seat on the sidelines gives them the right perspective. They’re perfectly positioned to see where the improvements should be, to tell when things align correctly, etc.

And athletes value coaching. They appreciate that perspective because it’s pretty much impossible for them to get all on their own; and they know it’s key to improvement.

This applies to high-performers in all aspects of life. High performers crave improvement and need coaching.

Here are some ideas for getting coaching or perspective, so you can keep growing professionally

Coaching from a direct manager

Your direct manager is best-positioned to be your coach. They consistently see your work and its place in the wider world. Plus, they have personal motivations for your performance to improve.

If you have a good relationship with your manager and you respect them, then you are in the prime position to get a ton out of a coaching relationship with your manager. If that’s you, but you aren’t getting good coaching right now, then odds are communication is your hurdle.

  • Tell them your expectations
  • Tell them your career goals
  • Ask for feedback
  • Set up regular meetings to discuss your progress

What to do when you don’t have an A+ relationship with your direct manager

If you don’t have a good relationship with your manager, give up. 😅 Ok don’t give up; but you should seriously consider doing what’s in your power to change that.

  • Voice your concerns to your manager.
  • Work to build more trust and respect.
  • If that doesn’t work, talk to the next-tier supervisor and voice your concerns about the relationship. Discuss your options for a change in team or position.
  • Consider a different job.

A bad relationship with your manager is a big handicap to your career and happiness.

But as far as coaching, try it out with them. Give them a chance to surprise you. Allow coaching to be an opportunity to grow that respect and trust between the two of you.

👇Then, use some of these other ways to also get perspective on your work. 👇

Getting team perspective.

Send a quick message to a trusted team member.

Hey, I’ve been working really hard on my writing skills so I can get that Senior Copywriter promotion in August. 💪🤞Do you mind helping me learn more about my writing, so I can keep improving? In that writing sample I attached, how do you feel I did at keeping things concise while keeping the context understandable?

When you reach out, be really clear about why you want the feedback and exactly what feedback you want.

Watch film

I had never heard of watching film before marrying a football dude (Josh, text me now to prove you’re carefully reading my newsletter today 😉). But it turns out that watching film is a common and important part of most athletes’ training.

Athletes watch videos of themselves, their teams, and their competitors all the time. They can analyze their performance because of the perspective the camera offers, which they don’t have while they’re actively competing or performing. What I’m getting at is this: you don’t always need to rely on other people to get perspective on your performance.

So how can we get a useful perspective on our work through self-evaluation? Because most of us are self-analyzing our performance all the freaking time. But often when personal evaluation is left to just haphazard internal commentary throughout our work day, it will mostly be negative, undirected, and fueled by our insecurities.

So instead, I recommend creating a 15-minute meeting with yourself twice a month. Have a set of questions like this that you refer to:

  1. What do I want from my job/career?
  2. Do I still want the same things from and for my career?
  3. What do I need to do to achieve that 👆?
  4. What’s been hindering me from those goals?
  5. What’s been enabling me to reach them?
  6. Does my job energize and invigorate me?
  7. What can I change to make my job more fulfilling?
  8. What should continue/stop/start/change to reach my goals?
  9. How will I keep track of my progress in the area I want to improve?

Ground yourself in confidence to avoid getting defensive

You’ll get best at filtering and applying feedback the more you have a healthy self-confidence. So always be working on that.



 ☎️ PSA: Starting mid-July you can dial 988 for mental health emergencies like you can dial 911 for other crises.

🏆 These 100 reader-nominated, best commercials (all embedded on the page) have the power to send us all down the rabbit hole. But it’s about our industry, so it’s like research…😅

🦶🏻 This article, “5 Common Fetishes of the Advertising Profession,” made me laugh out loud. So it’s worth it for that. But it also points out some flawed thinking and behaviors we’re perpetuating in our industry.