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Today I’ve got definitions for six types of marketing. This can teach you terms that many marketers wish they’d learned earlier.

But even if you’re very familiar with these, remember that going back to the basics is an effective way to spark creativity and innovation. Give these a glance if you need some fresh thinking for your current marketing efforts.

  1. B2B marketing
  2. B2C marketing
  3. Inbound marketing
  4. Outbound marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Guerrilla marketing


This stands for business to business marketing, where the purchasing power lies with a company instead of a consumer.

Example: A LinkedIn advertising campaign that targets data analysts.

👉 Our example illustrates that even when you’re marketing to “businesses,” you’re still marketing to people.


This stands for business to customer marketing, and it’s the kind of marketing people encounter on the daily. While B2B marketing aims to convince companies to buy their product, B2C marketing targets individuals.


  • Burt’s Bees shows you an Instagram ad for chapstick
  • Nike sends you an email with a 10% off coupon


Inbound marketing uses content to build relationships and gain customers.

Example: Riverside Bank builds a blog full of finance tips, and they plan local “How to Start a Budget” workshops. When people learn from their blog and workshops, they gain trust in the bank. And when the time comes they think, “Hey I need a new savings account. I think I’ll get one with Riverside Bank.”


Outbound strategies often throw out a wide net to a large audience, hoping for some people to choose them. This is often the kind of marketing that interrupts annoys people.


  • TV ads
  • Billboards
  • Cold emails
  • Those ads that crowd cooking blogs, making it impossible to read the lasagna recipe you came for


Affiliate strategies recruit website publishers to recommend their products and link to them. Then, it provides a small compensation in return for the business the ambassador brings. It’s often successful because it’s mutually beneficial for the companies and ambassadors.

Example: Fitness Clothing Co. reaches out to Alex, who runs a blog of health tips for college peeps. Alex tells his readers why Fitness Clothing Co.’s leggings are the best and links to them. People trust Alex, so they buy some of those leggings.

Then, the brand sees how many people bought their clothes thanks to Alex and they give them a cut of the earnings.


This title comes from guerrilla warfare which used limited resources to fight using nontraditional and gritty tactics. Guerrilla marketing strategies are also characterized by being creative, less-expensive, and focused on big exposure. They’re often connected to events and experiences.

Example: Deadpool marketers set up a Tinder profile for the anti-hero before the movie hit theaters.