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Why should I advertise in your newsletter?

Our newsletter goes out to a group of marketers who prioritize excelling in their role and staying informed on their industry. They’re motivated to find great tools/software and to learn from stellar content. We have both agency and in-house marketers who cover a wide range of specialties like advertising, content marketing, SEO, product marketing.

How many people get your emails, open them, and click on links?



Open Rate


Click Through Rate

What do your ads look like?

Our ads appear in the Useful Links section of our newsletter, where we share both sponsored links and organic content (links to resources we just think are awesome, even though they haven’t asked us to share them).

What’s the process for placing an ad?

Email us at with:

  • The dates you’re interested in placing an ad (our newsletter runs weekly on Tuesdays)
  • A description of what you’re promoting
  • The link you want included

After we confirm that we have open ad slots for the date(s) you’re requesting, you’ll pay for your ad slot(s). Then, we’ll edit your description to fit the voice of our newsletter, so it’s most likely to align with the content they want to click on. Then, we send that over for approval and run the ad on the day you’ve chosen.

What do you charge to run an Ad?

$250 per placement.

What comes with an ad?

The ad comes with a link to your product, service, or content you want to promote. Plus, up to 500 characters of a description.

I have more questions, what do I do?

Email us at and we’ll answer them!

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