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Chrome plugins for advertisers 

When it comes to advertising, you need to track if your ads are leading to the right actions on your site. That’s where Tags and Pixels come in (the two terms are used interchangeably). They’re a tiny bit of code inserted into a website to track user interaction. The data can then be used to check the actions your ads inspired. But that all depends on your tags/pixels working properly.

Chrome Plugins are exactly what you need to be able to see if your pixels are installed correctly. Let’s get the obvious out of the way; you need to be using Chrome as your web browser in order to use Chrome plugins. Once Chrome is open, then you can start adding plugins/extensions here. Don’t worry; we are going to tell you exactly which ones you need.

Google tag assistant 

This tag tracks Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and more to make sure the page tags are running correctly. If they aren’t, then Tag Assistant gives you feedback on how to fix it.

Facebook pixel helper 

When anyone is logged into Facebook and then logs into a different website, Facebook tracks their activity. If pixels aren’t working, the pixel helper will appear. Here is an example of how it’s shown.

Pinterest tag helper

Same deal, but for your Pinterest ads. Make sure your Pinterest tag is set up properly with this helper.

Microsoft UET Tag Helper 

And last (any maybe least 😅) the Microsoft tag helper Like the others, this extension also troubleshoots any tag that is not set up correctly.

There are also tag/pixel extensions for other platforms not listed here (Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, etc.). Snag whichever ones you need. By adding these extensions, you can ensure that your website is tracking interactions smoothly.

And if you’re lucky enough, your week will go smoothly too. 🤞🏻