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Interview with Charmaine Madamba

Who you’re hearing from: Charmaine is a Product Management Director at VF Corporation, which houses brands like Dickies, Timberland, and Vans. She has over 10 years of experience in search marketing positions at companies like Citrix and Yahoo!.

What she’s working on: Accessibility. You might want to follow Charmaine’s approach. “Through the course of the year, I’ve been building the case that success will be established through a series of small incremental steps and wins.” She’s focused on changing the culture on her team and at her company to see the inclusive benefits of accessibility.


Her leadership advice (particularly for women):

1) Don’t lose your voice. After earning a few leadership positions, Charmaine noticed she couldn’t identify her voice like she used to. She recommends keeping track of your individuality, and to do that you need to…
2) Identify your leadership style. She points out, “Determining your leadership style and finding your voice is critical in guiding you to lead in an authentic way.”
3) Find a mentor. Charmaine says one of her influential mentors was like a therapist for her professional life. So when looking for a mentor, we recommend finding an effective communicator who has good perspective.

Our favorite moment with Charmaine:
Q: How do you balance a successful career and a healthy mental state?
A: Lots of food. Full stop.

Quick Recommendations:
What are you reading? Hidden Valley Road
What are you listening to? Revisionist History and The Pivot
Favorite brand as a consumer: I am partial to VF brands, but also acknowledge the good things that Athleta is doing.