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The power of the scarcity principle and one way to use it

This fear of things becoming scarce has been a part of human instinct since the beginning of time. And clearly that instinct is still going strong because we all witnessed it last year when toilet paper flew off the shelves.

As humans, we have generated the idea that opportunities are more valuable when they are less available. That’s the scarcity principle and it often encourages people to:

  • Pay more than they normally would
  • Act when they normally would not, or
  • Act sooner than they normally would

Here’s how to set up a Shopify app that makes it easy to leverage the scarcity principle. No one is paying us to talk about this app. We just found that it’s a simple way to show your customers that your shop is busy, no matter how many sales you make in a year. Plus it has an average rating of 4.7/5 starts with over 6,900 reviews, so it’s doing pretty dang good.

Head over to the Shopify app store where you can find and add the Pop! Sales Pop & Social Proof app. They have a free version of the app, and then paid tiers depending on the amount of unique visitors per month. Once you add the app, don’t forget to enable it on Shopify.

Choose the pop-up you want. Within the app, you will find various types of “Pops” that can display content like the number of people that added a product to their cart or if someone from another city added it to their cart.

Customize your pop-ups by editing the content and design. You can also create rules and manage its settings (like how many seconds before the pop-up appears or if you don’t want the pop-up to appear on a checkout page).

Don’t forget to test how many more conversions you see with these pop-ups compared to without them! Then, tell your boss.