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Five pieces of information to make you look and feel informed

About 6% of iOS users are allowing app tracking since the iOS 14.5 update. This might be stressing you out. Remember that if we made it through the emo phase of the early 2000s, we can probably survive anything. Stay strong, and don’t start growing out painfully long bangs straight down your face.

Yelp is rolling out some new features that give businesses “more control over their presence and ads on the platform” according to Search Engine Land. For instance, you can now target specific locations, even if they are not near your business’s physical location.

Sprout Social posted their report on the best times to post on social according to platform. If you think your users are engaging on social most often on the weekend when they have time, think again! Seems like weekday late morning and early afternoon is generally your best bet.

Barry Schwartz thinks there was an unofficial Google algorithm update last week. So, feel free to blame that if your organic traffic isn’t where you want it.

Clubhouse is not so slowly and surely coming to Android. It should be available worldwide by Friday (5/21) afternoon.

Interview with Jon-Stephen Stansel

How to get your leaders to trust you as an expert

In his interview with us, Jon-Stephen Stansel said, “We all use a car to get from point A to point B, we can put gas in it, and we can do basic stuff. But if we need repairs, we go to a mechanic, right? So as a social media manager, I try to position myself as the social media mechanic.”

To do your job well, your organization’s leaders need to trust you as an expert in your field. Lucky for you Jon-Stephen is a true social media expert (check out the engagement he’s built for the Twitter page of Amazon Prime’s series, Invincible), and he gave us five actionable techniques for getting your leaders to see you as an expert as well.

His five techniques were so packed full of useful information that we had to split them between two emails. So this week, we’ll share two of the techniques.

Set up regular meetings with leaders and stakeholders.

Jon-Stephen has found success by regularly meeting with company leaders (e.g. the CEO, director of marketing, stakeholders, etc.) to educate them and align social media goals.

Here’s what Jon-Stephen suggests covering in those meetings:

  • Teach social media best practices
  • Share your social strategy
  • Find out their goals for social
  • Align goals across leadership

We’re talking about meeting with busy and important leaders, and we all know that it can be difficult and intimidating to schedule time with people like that. Jon-Stephen says once you get the first meeting, it’s a lot easier to get another. But how do you get the first?

Find an advocate and mentor.

Jon-Stephen recommends finding an advocate who’s better positioned to land you a meeting. Your direct supervisor seems the most likely candidate, but find whoever works.

To get an advocate, you may need to meet a new coworker. In that case, schedule short, get-to-know-you meetings with practically anyone. In those meetings, discuss your social strategy and learn what they do in their role. Whoever seems energized by your conversation could be an advocate.

Once you have an advocate:

  • Develop the relationship
  • Ask them to mention your name to decision makers
  • Ask them to help you get a 15-minute meeting with the right leader
  • Continually learn from them

Getting that helping hand from an advocate is wonderful, but it’s also important to work on ways you can position yourself as an expert independently. Check back next week for three more techniques that position you as an expert at your company.