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🤖 AI is taking over the world

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 3.7.23THIS WEEK'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING NEWS​GOOGLE OPENED UP AI TO SEARCH ADS​ Google’s AI will output something called “automatically created assets” based on the keywords, headlines and assets you input. They’ll also show you the best...

Snow, TikTok and YouPod

Snow, TikTok and YouPod

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 2.28.23THIS WEEK'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING NEWS​TIKTOK WILL OPEN MORE OPTIONS FOR CREATORS WITH CREATIVE PROGRAM BETA​ To access you have to be at least 18 years old, meet the minimum follow / video view requirements and don’t have your...

We officially opened Highrise Advertising 🔥

COMING AT YOU THE WEEK OF 2.21.23THIS WEEK'S MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING NEWS​INSTAGRAM WILL REMOVE LIVE STREAM SHOPPING ELEMENTS​ After March 16, you won’t be able to tag products while livestreaming. This feature was originally launched in 2020 but won’t be an option...

It’s fun, gets straight to the point, and it’s full of interesting marketing tidbits.


Highrise has become my favorite marketing newsletter. They send quick (and actually enjoyable) updates about the most important marketing news.


The combo of nitty-gritty technical info and human-focused advice gets me excited to work in marketing.